Past Drive Electric Program Testimonials

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U Drive Electric Participant Testimonials:

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"This is a terrific program recognizing the great positive impact electric cars can have on air quality. I congratulate Utah Clean Energy and the University of Utah for forming a strong program making electric cars economical to buy. Once owned they are clean and simple with almost no maintenance. In other words, both economically smart and a fine contribution to better air."

~ Ted Wilson, Former Director of Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR)


Ted Wilson 0 


"Our family has been driving our EV (Nissan Leaf) for over 3 years now.  We jumped into it as an experiment to see how an EV would impact our daily routine.  What becomes immediately apparent is how quiet, smooth, and easy it is to drive.  The simplicity is downright silly: motor, battery, controller.  I almost feel bad when I take it in for "service" as there really is nothing to do other than rotate tires and top-off windshield washer fluid... 

Given that we paired our EV with 14 solar panels that reside on the roof space directly above where we park the car, "fueling" our car hasn't cost a single penny.  My employer also kindly provides parking stalls to plug-in while at work when needed.  Today's EV technology makes it a no-brainer for commuter vehicles and soon will be the logical choice for long-distance vehicles as well."

~ Jared Campbell, electrical engineer and clean energy advocate


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"Two years ago, my wife's minivan broke down, leaving her stranded away from home in a snow storm. That was the last straw so we quit gasoline and gas cars for good, at least for all our daily commuting needs. Since that time, driving has never been so joyful and luxurious. When you free yourself from bondage, the result is happiness and improved relationships. I am happy to report that the same goes for being freed from the bondage of fossil fuels.

Dear Gasoline, Thank you for all the high times but to be honest, you stink! Since we now fuel our electric cars from sunlight, collected in our own backyard, for free, forever, without pollution, wars or guilt, I think it is time we part ways. 

Dear Internal Combustion Engine, thank you for the road-side education in auto mechanics but my family and I have moved on." 

~ John Loveless, electrical engineer, DIY expert and author of

       John L Leaf

"We are new owners of an electric vehicle and we love it. it works great to charge our battery at home using the basic 110 v outlet in our garage, and the smart dashboard in the car keeps us informed of our electric range and where we can find public charging stations! We've been able to get errands run around town, get to work, and visit family without worrying at all about running out of charge. It feels great knowing that we're contributing to cleaner air and are still able to do the things we love!" 

~ Linda and Steve Emerson, U of U Alumnus (2000 & 2003)

       Emersons EV Photo edited

"In October of 2011 I became one of the first Volt drivers in Utah. The car now has a little over 70,000 miles, and has needed only two oil changes, one battery coolant flush, and generator radiator flush. It has been a very reliable car and the lifetime mileage is 124MPG! It has been all over the West and plugged in at many a hotel at night. 

The best part of driving an EV is never having to make that surprise trip to the gas station. Every morning you start out with a full tank! The company I work for, Utah PaperBox, was one of the first companies in Utah to install workplace charging, which doubles the range of any EV.

In April of 2014 I received my first all-electric vehicle, a Tesla Model S! I currently have 34,000 miles on it and have traveled to Colorado, Nevada, California, and Oregon. With the exception of a recent seat belt inspection, the car has never been in the shop! I have driven a lot of cars and the Model S is the most exceptional car I have ever driven. And if you are on the road your fuel is free from Tesla's supercharger network.

I believe that EVs are one way we can help clean up the Wasatch Front's dirty air. For those of you that think that EVs just extend the "tailpipe", I have enough solar on my house to power both my cars, and the company I work for has enough solar to power 60 EVs! Solar and EVs go hand in hand and it feels great to know that you are just driving on sunshine!"

~ Steve Keyser, CEO of Utah Paperbox and co-founder of Leaders for Clean Air


 Steve Keyser w Tesla


Volt at Utah Paperbox Keyser

"Mine was the first LEAF that Nissan officially delivered in Utah. After more than 36,000 miles, I can say without hesitation that it is by far the best car I have ever owned. I power it with solar panels, and thus produce zero emissions, but even charging a LEAF from the grid in Utah emits only one-third the amount of greenhouse gases that an average gasoline car produces. Moreover, the cost of that electricity is like paying 85¢ per gallon at the pump. Speaking of costs, because my LEAF does not use oil, filters, spark plugs, belts, mufflers, its maintenance is absolutely minimal. And the icing on the cake is that an electric vehicle is not just cleaner and cheaper, but also a superior car: more powerful, more nimble, quieter, a joy to drive. What’s not to like? Everyone’s a winner!" 

~Mark D. Larsen, U of U Alumnus 1975, 1977

       Mark Larsen


ZOOm Go Electric Participant Testimonials

Zoom Go Electric was a great program for our family to help us make the switch to an electric vehicle. With the no-haggle discount and people ready to answer all of our questions, we found the whole purchase process of our Nissan LEAF really smooth.

We approached the EV purchase as more of a step to doing our part to improve Utah’s air quality and to be a part of the movement. But after a few days of driving it, it became really clear that both my husband and I love driving it and our kids think it is fun too. The kids love comparing how efficient my husband and I are when driving it and they love hearing their friends hop in and saying ‘is this an EV? Coooool!’

With all the EV charging stations coming on-line we have not been in a jam for power. I am enjoying the whole experience so much I do not envision going back to a gas car for my commuting!”

        ~Liz Larsen, Conservation Director at Utah's Hogle Zoo


 "Thursday morning I emailed Clean Fuels Utah, and was there by 3 pm. I looked over the four Volts Derek had in stock, and asked to try the '13 Volt priced at $11,495 before the 5% Zoo-m discount. He sold me on the Volt! It's a base model, but it can be used as a 100% EV. It's a great car. I'm not ashamed to drive on the Wasatch Front now. The Zoo-m discount almost covered the sales tax. With the 220 V charging station and installations, my entire cost was under $13k. The electrician told me he has installed 5 chargers this month, all for EVs. I think I've gone EV for good.

Now I'm trying to hook my family members. My wife leaned over and peered at the pedals, expecting to find something strange and unfathomable. Nope, throttle and (regenerative) brake. Thanks for the nudge!” 

         ~Andy Marks, Chevy Volt Owner and ZOOm Go Electric Participant


"Thanks to the Hogle Zoo and Utah Clean Energy for sponsoring the ZOOm Go Electric program. After attending a seminar at my local library, explaining the discounts being offered on electric cars and bikes, I decided to test out an e-bike for the first time.

I used to be passionate about road biking, but after knee and back surgery, I realized that being hunched over on a road bike was stressful on my body and not worth the days it took me to recover. It was love at first ride! I decided to buy an e-cruiser, which allowed me to sit upright, use the pedal assist or throttle if I wanted to take stress off my body, or just ride it like a real old-fashioned bike.

I can now accelerate to get across the street and not worry about falling off my bike as I clip into the pedals. If this discount program did not exist, I may never have tried the electric bike. Now I plan on keeping one more car off the road as much as I can.

I hope you continue this program because my body and the air say 'thank you.' "

            ~Claudia Fruin, E-bike Owner ZOOm Go Electric Participant


 Drive Electric Northern Utah Participant Testimonials 

"I love my Volt. I haven't been to a gas station for two months. It's reliable, fast, and has more cargo space than you'd think. Not only am I saving money on fuel, but I have the peace of mind that my vehicle isn't contributing to our local air quality problems. I'd recommend a Volt to anyone who wants an efficient commuter car".

~ Justin Owen, Chevrolet Volt owner

"We purchased a 2012 Leaf SL for $10,000 in May 2016 and it's been a battle ever since between my wife and I as to who gets to drive it. It has plenty of range for all the trips we make around town, and has become the perfect 2nd car. We charge it every 2-3 days. It's exciting to drive due to the available horsepower of electric motors. I calculated that it costs approximately the same to drive as if gas were $0.60 per gallon so it's always our 'go-to' car. Since we have another gas car, we're never concerned about taking much longer trips, but for at least 80% of our driving, the Leaf is it."

~ Iain Hueton, Nissan Leaf owner

       Ian Hueton nissan leaf
"In 2014 we installed solar panels to offset 80% of our annual usage. That was for 2 of us. Now there is only one of us. In October of 2015 I was 1.5 megawatts ahead. What to do with the excess? How about storing it in a car? In January, I ordered the Tesla. I'm so happy to be running on the sun's energy instead of burning gasoline."

~ Elliot Hulet, Tesla owner

       Elliot Hulet Tesla