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Utahns want to know what they can do to improve air quality along the Wasatch Front. Switching to an electric vehicle or riding an e-bike reduces tailpipe emissions and improves local air quality. ZOOm Go Electric is here to make buying an electric vehicle or bike a streamlined and simple process. Take advantage of a limited-time discount on a variety of electric vehicles and e-bikes! Are you ready to make a difference and drive (or ride) electric?

The first step is to sign up for a ZOOm Go Electric Discount Code. After signing up, you will receive an official discount code and instructions to help you schedule an appointment at a ZOOM Go Electric selected dealership or bike shop. You can print your confirmation e-mail, which includes your discount code, or just bring your phone with you to the dealership. Can't find your confirmation email? Contact us.

Signing up does not commit you to purchase a vehicle or bike. You may opt out any time, and all information will be kept confidential by ZOOm Go Electric.

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