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Utah Clean Energy, Rocky Mountain Power, and Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) are pleased to offer the second year of the Live Electric EV discount program, extending discounts on the 3 models of the 2018 Nissan Leaf to Rocky Mountain Power utility customers and State of Utah employees. New in 2018, the Live Electric campaign is also offering discounts on a variety of e-bikes!

Electric Vehicle Discount 

The 2018 Live Electric EV discount is offering a $3,000 discount on all styles of 2018 Nissan Leaf for all Rocky Mountain Power customers and Utah State employees. Learn more about the discount and make your purchase by January 2nd, 2019!

E-Bike Discount

The Live Electric e-Bike discount is offering upfront discounts on a variety of e-bikes, from commuters to cargo bikes! Discounts are available at seven participating bike shops throughout the Salt Lake Valley and are available to all Rocky Mountain Power customers and State of Utah employees through November 10, 2018. Get started by signing up for your discount code, browsing available e-bikes, or finding answers to frequenty asked questions.

Clean Transportation = Clean Air

The Live Electric EV and e-Bike discount program aims to improve air quality and community health both today and for future generations. With almost 50 percent of Utah’s urban air pollution coming from tailpipe emissions, clean transportation is an important tool for improving air quality along the Wasatch Front. During Utah Clean Energy's past programs, community members showed their commitment to improving local air quality by purchasing nearly 300 electric vehicles and E-bikes. We are excited to continue this success in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power and UCAIR in 2018!

The Live Electric discount program is a partnership between Rocky Mountain Power partnered and Utah Clean Energy, a non-profit, public interest organization that works to drive the transition to a clean energy future. UCAIR provided additional support to expand this program to State of Utah employees who are not served by Rocky Mountain Power. 

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